Sarao Necklace

$ 28.00

Sarao is one of the necklaces of the “Jarana” collection. Jarana is a colloquial Spanish word that means revelry, a lively, boisterous celebration, the ruckus of people getting together to have fun. All of the names of the necklaces in this collection come from days of festivity and cheer. Get moving! Put on your Sarao Necklace and dance!

The Sarao Necklace is made from pieces of onyx glass and pottery all coming together in simple, cheerful composition. The chain is 18k gold-plated brass with a final nickel and lead free 24k gold flash bath. All plating is done in a workshop in Barcelona. Chain length 49 cm (19.2″).

The necklaces come in a screen-printed cotton bag, which you can use to keep your necklace when you’re not wearing it or fill with your treasures. 

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